1. What kind of company is We Kick Brass?

We Kick Brass is a family owned company that was started during the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020 by the Perez family. After struggling with their son's battle with cancer, Mike and Dawn decided to start the company to better support their son while also pursuing their passion in Firearms. Their main goal is ensure that everyone is properly informed and equipped to defend and protect themselves. To learn more about We Kick Brass, please visit our "About Us" section.

2. Where is We Kick Brass located? 

We are predominately an online store with a warehouse in Wellington, FL. We are in the process of transitioning to another location in Wellington that will be available for all to come in and shop with us. Will keep you posted on the grand opening!

3. I don't live in Florida, can I still have firearms and ammunition shipped to me?

Yes, you can still purchase firearms and ammunition from us with the following shipping guidelines;

  • All firearms will be shipped to a local FFL dealer of your choosing.
  • Ammunition being shipped to CA will be shipped to a local FFL dealer of your choosing.
  • Ammunition being shipped to CT, MA, NJ, we will need a copy of your Firearm ID card (please send to support@wekickbrass.com).
  • Ammunition being shipped to IL, we will need a copy of your Firearm Owner ID card (please send to support@wekickbrass.com).
  • Ammunition and Firearms being sent to AK maybe limited, please call to confirm before making your purchase.


4. What is an FFL? How do I find one?

An FFL is a person or company that has a Federal Firearms License that is legally allowed to sell or transfer firearms and ammunition. You can find one by searching "FFL near me" on the internet.

5. What is a Brasshole?

A Brasshole is an exclusive member of the We Kick Brass community. For a small monthly fee you will receive 5% off of all orders, free shipping, in-stock alerts etc. To become a Brasshole, click the "Become A Brasshole" link and follow the prompts to register. 

6. I can not checkout, what do I do?

We apologize if this happens, technology can be tricky at times. No worries, you can try the following solutions;

  • Close down browser and open a new one and try again, or try a different browser (chrome, internet explorer etc).
  • Try using a desktop computer and try again.
  • Make sure your billing and shipping address is entered exactly the same.
  • If all else fails, give us a call and we can take your order over the phone (561) 508-2589.


7. I can not login into my account, what do I do?

Try using the forget password link. If that does not work, please give us a call and we will trouble shoot the issue (561) 508-2589.

8. I did not receive an order confirmation and or shipping confirmation, how do I obtain one?

Please check your spam/junk and trash. If you have not located it, please send an email to support@wekcikbrass.com and we will confirm your email address and send another one out to you.

9. How long will it take to ship my order?

We work hard to get your order out as soon as possible but can take up to 3-5 business days from the date of purchase. Please contact us if it has been longer than that time frame.

10. I have not received my package or my package has been lost/damaged what do I do?

Please notify us at support@wekickbrass.com. We will initiate a claim with the shipping provider. If your package is damaged, please send us pictures as well. Please note that this is a process and can take some time, but you will be notified by the shipping provider once the package is located and or the claim has been resolved so that we can proceed accordingly. We will be sure that you are taken care of.

11. I don't know what firearm or ammunition to purchase and or I have a question?

No worries, just give us a call we would be happy to help (561) 508-2589.

12. How can I support the We Kick Brass family?

We truly appreciate all your support, it means the world to us! To further support us you can leave us an awesome review and tell all your family and friends about us! :)