Sp 30cal 125gr Hp Tnt 500/Bx

SKU 4725
brand Speer
model 5165457990
number 5165457990

Speer created its first bullet more than 70 years ago, and today, the company still manufactures superior components, such as Speer TNT Varmint Bullets. Specific to varmint shooting, these bullets are a cut above the rest. In addition to being made from quality materials and workmanship, these bullets fit any budget.

TNT gives you what you want most-superior on-game performance. Starting with TNT's thin precision jacket, Speer added internal fluting and a dead-soft lead core to ensure complete bullet disruption. Speer finishes the forming with a long ogive and a small hollow point. This gives you the ballistic coefficients needed for long shots. In fact, TNT's coefficients rival those of similar boat tail bullets. In a little over ten years, TNT has become a best seller. Why? Great accuracy and impressive terminal performance.

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